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 ENJO’s Floor range combines ergonomic design, fibre innovation and
 sustainable materials to deliver the most effective way to clean your floors
       How to dust your floors
                                            ENJO   CLE AN  TIP S
       1  Use the Dust Floor Fibre in an ‘s’ motion
 ENJO  FL O OR   to remove dust + hair         – To clean high windows or dust high
                                              surfaces, you can attach your Telescopic
 HARD W ARE  GUIDE                            Pole to your Window Cleaner (see page
       How to clean your floors               17) or Dust Flexi (see page 15)

 A  Telescopic Pole  1  Wet your Floor Fibre with the ENJO     – If your floor is very dirty, spray water
         Trigger Spray Bottle                 directly on to the floor
 B  Collar  2  Clean with your Floorcleaner in an ‘s’
 C  Twister                                  FL O OR CLE ANER
       3  If your fibre becomes dry, add extra water   REPL A CE S
 D  Head  with your Trigger Spray Bottle
                                                – 18 litres floor detergent
                                                – 9 mops / mop attachments
 Setting up your Floorcleaner                *Over 3 years
 1  Place the Floorcleaner Head (D) on the
 floor with collar (B) upright and covering   CHO OSING   Y O UR  FL O OR  FIBRE
 the swivel point
 2  Guide the pole (A) into the collar (B)  ENJO Fibres are specially designed to suit a range of hard floor types for a superior clean
 3  Twist clockwise until you hear it click
       Dust Floor Fibre
 Attaching your Floor Fibre
       Dust and allergens impact your home’s
 1  Place your fibre on the floor fibre-side   indoor air quality. ENJO’s Dust Floor
 C  down   Fibre lifts and traps dust and hair, and
       disperses 13 times less dust  compared to
 2  Position Floorcleaner collar (B) down
       conventional cleaning products.
 3  Slip the left side of the head (D) into
 the fibre
 B  4  Press ‘open’ lever  Floor types | hard surface floors and walls
 D  5  Lift Floorcleaner to slip right side of the   Use it | dry
 head (D) into the fibre  Replaces | broom, dustpan, brush and
       vacuum cleaners on hard floors
 6  Press ‘close’ lever
 7  Lift collar (B) to adjust Floorcleaner to
 your height

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