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                                                                                                        Wet  *                 Wipe                    Dry

                                                                                                       your fibre         the surface clean       the surface with
                                                                                                                                                   your Miracle
                              THE  P O WER  OF                                                                 * skip this step with our orange dust fibres, they like to stay dry
                            Y O UR  PUR CHA SE

              Q U ALIT Y            HANDMADE              L ONG  L A S TING
          Oeko-Tex certified raw   individually handcrafted    sustainable cleaning,       HO W  T O   C ARE
          materials are free from   with locally sourced materials    ENJO products last
        harmful + toxic substances                              3 years                      – wash before first use

                                                                                             – wash between 40-60°C
                                                                                             – wash with like colours
                                                                                             – wash fibres in the ENJO Laundry Bag
                                                                                             – hang out to dry where possible
            ZER O  W A S TE      ZER O  CHEMIC AL S     C ARB ON  NEUTR AL                   – wash with detergent (no softener)
          old fibres are upcycled   protecting your health and   ENJO International is       – avoid bleach + hot surfaces
        reducing household waste     our waterways         100% carbon neutral

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