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Introducing clever

 cleaning with ENJO


 ENJO Australia is on a journey to change
 the way people think about cleaning,
 starting with every Aussie home.

 15% off individual products

 Your ENJOpure Journey
 Becoming ENJOpure means so much more
 than smart cleaning products. It’s about
 making a positive difference to your home,
 health and the planet.  15% off Bundles

                 ENJOPURE  BUNDLE  REPL A CE S
 Become ENJOpure 4 ways
 1  ENJOpure Bundle  114          72              60              129
 2  Starter Bundle + 2 room Bundles  Free shipping on all orders $99    Bottles of    Packs of   Packs of    Packs of sponges
 3  5 room Bundles  and over  cleaning detergents  antibacterial wipes  paper towel  + scourers
 4  Host a Demo *
                         35              45               7

                      Packs of floor    Packs of         Tools
 ENJOpure Customers use ENJO to clean   cleaner wipes   cloths
 at least 5 of the 7 rooms in the home,
 including the three must-have rooms, the
 kitchen, bathroom and living area.  Additional 15% off sale items
 * Refer to T&Cs
 Ask your ENJOpreneur for more   L O VE  ENJO ?
 information or visit
                 Get your most-loved products for FREE  by Hosting a Demo.
                For more information about ENJOpure ask your ENJOpreneur.

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