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 Clean your car, BBQ and
 outdoor living areas with
 water and our reusable range.                                     C



 How to clean your outdoor area   Your Outdoor products
 1.  Wet your Outdoor Glove before use
 and/or spray your outdoor surface     – The Extreme side of the Outdoor Glove is   NAME  USE  USE ON…
 with water using the ENJO Trigger    perfect for outdoor tables and furniture.
 Spray Bottle.    – The Textured side is designed for rough   A  Outdoor Glove  wet  Outdoor furniture, flyscreens and plant pots.
 2.  Use your Outdoor Glove to wipe your   and uneven surfaces including flyscreens   B  Car Glove  very wet Cars, motorbikes, boats and trucks.
 surfaces lifting and trapping dirt, grease   and pot plants.
 and bacteria.    – Use the Car Glove on your car exterior.   C  Outdoor Miracle  dry  Outdoor surfaces, cars, motorbikes, boats and trucks.
 Start at the roof of your car and work your
 3.  Dry your outdoor surface with the   way down to the rims.
 Outdoor Miracle. Bacteria can’t grow on   D  Outdoor Sponge  dry  Small outdoor surfaces to clean light and heavy dirt.
 surfaces that are clean and dry!      – To avoid scratches from dirt and grit keep
 the glove very wet and rinse often.
   – To remove brake dust from Car Glove,
 How to clean your car  pre-soak before washing.
 1.  Hose your car to remove large dirt    O UTD O OR  B UNDLE
 and grit.
 2.  Immerse your Car Glove in a bucket             Want to wash your car?
 of cold water before use.     – 9 bottles car wash.
                                                    Our Car Glove and Outdoor
 3.  Clean the car surfaces, lifting and     – 12 chamois.   Miracle are the perfect fibres for
 trapping dirt and dust in the Car Glove.     – 12 packs of BBQ wipes.  the job.
 4.  Dry your car with the Outdoor Miracle.     – 18 packs of paper towel.
 1 Over 3 years

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