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 Window + Surfaces                         B

 Designed to make cleaning    A                G
 multi-purpose areas even easier.

                             E        F                       H

 Assemble the Multi Tool   Attach the Telescopic Pole
 1.  Place the Multi Tool Plate (B) face   1.  Push ends of the e-Clip (F) to release   Your Multi Tool Hardware
 down and slide the yellow Multi Tool   from the Multi Tool Base (A).
 Tabs (C) outward.  2.  Twist and pull to remove Cap (E).  NAME  USE
 2.  Insert the horizontal bar of the Multi   3.  Attach the Telescopic Pole (J) to the
 Tool Base (A).  Multi Tool Base (A), align holes and   A  Multi Tool Base  Hardware to hold the Multi Tool Fibres.
 3.  Slide both yellow Multi Tool Tabs (C)   insert e-Clip (F) to lock in place.  B  Multi Tool Plate  Holds the Multi Tool Fibre for cleaning.
 inward to lock in place.  4.  Twist the Telescopic Pole (J) anti-
 clockwise to adjust the height, then   C  Multi Tool Tabs  To attach the Multi Tool Plate to the base
 Attach the Multi Tool Fibre  twist clockwise to lock.
           D  Channel/Rubber Blade Squeegee excess water from surface.
 1.  With the fibre side down, ensuring the
 label is on the right-hand side, hold the   CLE AN  TIPS  E  Cap  Remove to attach Telescopic Pole.
 rubber loop on the left-hand side, then
 slide the Multi Tool Plate (B) into the     – Attach the Telescopic Pole (J) for   F  e-Clip  Connects the Multi Tool to the Telescopic Pole.
 right-hand side of the fibre.  high and hard-to-reach surfaces.
 2.  Lift the rubber loop, pulling the fibre     – Use the Twister (I) to create the
 over the end of the Multi Tool Plate (B)  perfect angle.  Your Window + Surfaces products
 to attach securely.    – The dirtier the surface the wetter
 the fibre needs to be.
 Clean with the Multi Tool
           G  Window Multi Tool    Cleans outdoor surfaces such as hard-wearing walls,
 1.  Wet your Multi Tool Fibre (G).  Fibre  windows, glass, ceilings, cabinets, doors, small balcony
 2.  For dirtier areas spray the surface with   REPL ACES  1   and alfresco floors, pools, caravans, car roofs and boats.
 your ENJO Trigger Spray Bottle.  H  Window Miracle  Removes water from Blade and dries tables, pool fences
   – 48 bottles of window and surface cleaner.
 3.  Use your Multi Tool Fibre (G) to clean    and solar panels after cleaning.
 the surface from top to bottom.    – 18 packs of paper towel.  I  Twister  Connect to Telescopic Pole to clean at all angles.
 4.  Use the Blade (D) to remove excess     – 6 outdoor cleaning hardware.
 water, or dry the surface with the   1 Over 3 years  J  Telescopic Pole  Extends the Multi Tool for cleaning high and
                                 hard-to-reach surfaces.

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