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       Keep your living areas dust and allergen free without harsh chemicals.

 B  C  D  E  F
       H O W  T O…                          ENJO   CLE AN  TIP S
       ENJO clean your living areas            – The Living Miracle used damp removes
       1  Use your Dust Glove dry over household   smears from smooth and glossy surfaces
 G       surfaces to lift and trap dust        – The Dust Flexi is perfect for high/hard
       2  Spray miracle lightly with water to   to reach places (don’t use on hot light
         remove film and fingerprints from    fittings)
         mirrors and screens                   – Keep the Lint Glove in your car to
       3  Use Fabric Glove damp on striped side   remove lint from clothing
 J       to remove marks from fabrics such as     – Clean your indoor hard to reach surfaces
 H  I    carpets, blinds and clothing. Use woven   quickly with the Living Multi Tool
         side on leather and furnishings
       4  Dry after with the Living Miracle to
 NAME  USE  USE  ON …  prevent water marks
 A  Dust Flexi  dry  Hard to reach areas such as skirting boards,   LIVING  BUNDLE
 cornices, ceiling fans and air vents        REPL A CE S
       H O W  T O…
 B  Living Multi Tool    wet, damp Indoor surfaces such as sealed walls, ceilings,     – 39 packs of feather dusters, rags +
 Fibre  or dry  cabinets, doors and large indoor surfaces  Attach the Telescopic Pole to   polishing cloths
 C  Polishing Cloth^  dry  Polished surfaces such as glass, steel, chrome,   the Dust Flexi    – 18 bottles of chemical sprays, polishes
 silver and brass  1  Slide the e-Clip out of the Cap at the   + stain removal products
 D  Polishing Glove^  dry  Large high-shine surfaces such as mirrors    bottom of the Flexi handle    – 6 packs of paper towels
 and furniture  2  Twist and pull to remove the Cap
 ^Perfect for applying ENJO's Leather and Wood Balm  *Over 3 years
       3  Attach the Flexi to the Telescopic Pole,
 E  Dust Glove  dry  Items such as furniture, cabinets, cupboards,    align the holes and insert the e-Clip to
 the TV and computer when dust is present
         lock in place
 F  Leather & Wood    buff with  Leather furniture, shoes, bags, belts, car interior
 Balm  Polishing  and wooden furniture
 Cloth  Not suitable for suede, lacquered or varnished surfaces

 G  Specs and Screen  dry  Glasses, camera lens, any digital device screen
 H  Living Miracle  dry or   To dry mirrors, screens, ornaments, glass
 damp  tables and polished wood surfaces

 I  Fabric Glove  damp  Furnishings and fabric around the home such as
 lounge suites, carpets, blinds and clothing
 J  Lint Glove  dry  Soft furnishings, clothing, fabric and suede

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