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                                                                                                                             D                  E
          Living                                                                              C                                                           G

          Keep your living areas dust
          and allergen free without
          harsh chemicals.

                                                                                                          H                  I                J

                                                                                             Your Living products

                                                                                                  NAME              USE       USE ON…
          How to clean your living areas
                                            CLE AN  TIPS                                       A  Dust Flexi        dry       Hard-to-reach areas such as skirting boards,
          1.  Use your Dust Glove dry over household                                                                          cornices, ceiling fans and air vents.
            surfaces to lift and trap dust.    – The Living Miracle used damp removes          B  Living Multi Tool Fibre wet, damp   Indoor surfaces such as sealed walls, ceilings,
          2.  Spray Living Miracle lightly with water   smears from smooth and glossy                               or dry    cabinets, doors and large indoor surfaces.
            to remove film and fingerprints from   surfaces.                                      Dust Multi Tool Fibre  dry  Dusting large and hard-to-reach surfaces.
            mirrors and screens.               – The Dust Flexi is perfect for dusting         C
          3.  Use Fabric Glove damp on Striped side   narrow and hard-to-reach areas.          D  Dust Glove        dry       Items such as furniture, cabinets, cupboards,
            to remove marks from fabrics such as     – Keep the Lint Glove in your car to                                     the TV and computer when dust is present.
            carpets, blinds and clothing. Use Woven   remove lint from clothing.
            side on leather and furnishings.    – Clean your indoor hard-to-reach              E  Leather & Wood    buff with   Leather furniture, shoes, bags, belts, car
                                                                                                                              interior and wooden furniture.
          4.  Dry after with the Living Miracle to   surfaces quickly with the Living                               Cloth     Not suitable for suede, lacquered or varnished surfaces
            prevent water marks.              Multi Tool.
                                                                                               F  Specs & Screen    dry       Glasses, camera lens, any digital device screen.
          Attach the Telescopic Pole to     LIVING  B UNDLE  REPL ACES      1                  G  Fabric Mini       wet       Spot cleaning and removing stains on fabric
                                                                                                                              and leather.
          the Dust Flexi                       – 39 packs of feather dusters, rags and            Living Miracle    dry or damp To dry mirrors, screens, ornaments, glass
                                              polishing cloths.                               H
          1.  Slide the e-Clip out of the Cap at the                                                                          tables and polished wood surfaces.
            bottom of the Flexi handle.        – 18 bottles of chemical sprays, polishes       I  Fabric Glove      damp      Furnishings and fabric around the home such
                                              and stain removal products.                                                     as lounge suites, carpets, blinds and clothing.
          2.  Twist and pull to remove the Cap.
                                               – 6 packs of paper towels.
          3.  Attach the Flexi to the Telescopic Pole,                                         J  Lint Glove        dry       Soft furnishings, clothing, fabric and suede.
            align the holes and insert the e-Clip to   1 Over 3 years
            lock in place.                                                                     K  Polishing Cloth   dry       Polished surfaces such as glass, steel, chrome,
                                                                                                                              silver and brass.

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