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 Clean and protect bathroom                            F
 surfaces while protecting your
 family’s health.


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 How to clean your bathroom
 1.  Wet your bathroom fibre before use    Your Bathroom products
 and/or spray your bathroom surface      – Use Clean side (logo side) on Bathroom
 with water using the ENJO Trigger    Glove, Bathroom Mini and Bathroom
 Spray Bottle.  Sponge to remove calcium, lime and   NAME  USE  USE ON…
 soap build up.
 2.  Use your bathroom fibre to wipe your   A  Bathroom Glove  wet/damp  Large surfaces such as vanity, shower, tiles,
 surfaces lifting and trapping dirt,     – Use Care side (striped side) on   mirrors and bath.
 calcium, soap build up and bacteria.  Bathroom Glove and Bathroom Mini
 on mirrors, vanities and Perspex shower   B  Bathroom Mini  wet/damp  Small surfaces such as basins, mirrors,
 3.  Dry your bathroom surface with the   taps and shower.
 Bathroom Miracle. Bacteria and mould   screens.
 can’t grow on surfaces that are clean     – Bathroom Glove is perfect for ‘big’    C  Bathroom Sponge  wet/damp  Ideal for cleaning your grout and areas with a
 and dry!   cleaning jobs.                heavier build up.
   – Bathroom Mini is perfect for quick   D  Bathroom Miracle  dry  To dry bathroom surfaces including mirrors,
 maintenance cleaning.                    shower screens, tiles and chrome fittings.
 B ATHRO OM  B UNDLE     – Clean your shower quickly with the   Calcium Dissolver  with a wet/ Stubborn stains including calcium, mould
 REPL ACES    Bathroom Multi Tool and remove water   E  damp fibre  and rust .
   – 18 bottles of bathroom cleaner.  to prevent mould.  F  Bathroom Multi    wet/damp  Large glass surfaces such as shower screens,
   – 36 packs of antibacterial wipes.    – For heavy calcium build up, use a couple   Tool Fibre  mirrors and tiles.
 of drops of our Calcium Dissolver with
   – 12 packs of paper towel.
 your Bathroom Sponge.  G  Bathroom Handy Set  wet  Hard-to-reach areas and toilets.
   – 51 packs of cloths and sponges.
   – The dirtier the surface the wetter the
 1 Over 3 years  fibre needs to be.  3 Please review caution instructions on

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