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B A THR O OM                                                                        B A THR O OM

                                                                                           Clean and protect bathroom surfaces while protecting your family’s health.
                                         B                  C
                                                                                           H O W  T O…                          ENJO   CLE AN  TIP S
                                                                                           ENJO clean your bathroom                – Use clean side (logo side) on Bathroom
                                                                                           1  Wet your bathroom fibre before use    Glove and Bathroom Mini to remove
                                                                                             and/or spray your bathroom surface    calcium, lime and soap build-up
                                                                                             with water using the ENJO Trigger      – Use care side (striped side) on Bathroom
                                                F                                            Spray Bottle                         Glove and Bathroom Mini on mirrors,
                                                                                           2  Use your bathroom fibre to wipe your   vanities and Perspex shower screens
                                                                                             surfaces lifting and trapping dirt,     – Bathroom Glove is perfect for ‘big’
                                                                                             calcium, soap build-up and bacteria  cleaning jobs
                                                G                                          3  Dry your bathroom surface with the     – Bathroom Mini is perfect for quick
                                                                                             Bathroom Miracle*                    cleaning throughout the week
              D              E                                                             *Bacteria and mould can’t grow on surfaces     – Clean your shower quickly with the
                                                                                           that are clean and dry!                Bathroom Multi Tool and remove water to
                                                                                                                                  prevent mould
                                                                                                                                   – For heavy calcium build-up use a couple
       ENJO  B A THR O OM  GUIDE                                                                                                  of drops of our Calcium Dissolver with
                                                                                                                                  your Bathroom Sponge
             NAME              USE         USE  ON …
                                                                                                                                   – The dirtier the surface the wetter the
        A    Bathroom Glove    wet/damp    Larger surfaces such as vanity, shower, tiles,                                         fibre needs to be
                                           mirrors and bath
        B    Bathroom Mini     wet/damp    Smaller surfaces such as basins, mirrors,                                             B A THR O OM
                                           taps and shower                                                                       BUNDLE
        C    Bathroom Sponge   wet/damp    Ideal for cleaning your grout and areas with a                                        REPL A CE S
                                           heavier build up
                                                                                                                                    – 18 bottles of bathroom cleaner
        D    Bathroom Miracle  dry         To dry bathroom surfaces including mirrors,
                                           shower screens, tiles and chrome fittings                                                – 36 packs of antibacterial wipes
        E    Calcium Dissolver  with a wet/  Stubborn stains including calcium, mould                                               – 12 packs of paper towel
                               damp fibre  and rust                                                                                 – 51 packs of cloths + sponges
                                           Please review caution instructions on
                                                                                                                                 *Over 3 years
        F    Bathroom Multi Tool  wet/damp  Glass surfaces such as shower screens,
             Fibre                         mirrors and tiles
        G    Bathroom Handy Set  wet       Hard to reach nooks + toilets

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